Tuesday, March 03, 2009


there should be some photos in this post but my pop up blocker won't let the photo uploader show, does anyone else have this problem???

I’ve been away on the mainland visiting family which is why I have not posted on either of my blogs for sometime, I had a lovely time with my son and his family, then I spent a few days with my mother, I love them all but the south east of England seems to be rush, rush, rush, it is so nice to get back to island life where the only honking you hear are the geese flying overhead………

Proud grandma photos, this is the youngest who is a star wars fanatic but likes cooking too,

Older grandson who loves art and craft things :o) we walked to the village store and I said I was not buying sweets but they could choose a comic and this lovely boy chose an Art magazine for children (with all the star wars stuff I was soooo surprised),

One day we went to Battle, east Sussex to the museum of yesterday and I highly recommend it for all age groups of children, as well as the museum there are gardens with a lovely play model village (children can go in the house, shop, castle, etc.) great fun, there is a tearoom but it is only open in summer, not to worry as there are several tearooms near by and we had lunch in one just along the high street which had good food including children’s menus,

Inside the model village church,

I really seem to have slipped away from sewing/art etc. and would like to get going again, the garden has been neglected too but part of the reason for that is the weather, wet, in previous years I have been able to do some winter work in the garden but not much this year, if global warming means wet, wet, wet, I would rather have cold, a good downfall of snow and some fairyland frost,