Monday, October 20, 2008

more from Edinburgh

at the bottom of Calton hill I saw this sign and door and could not resist a photo as it amused me, it looks like the door to the park is locked,

then I walked up part of Salisbury crags and took a photo looking back at Calton hill with the parliament building in the foreground,

2 views of Holyrood House

and I just like these windows on the back of the parliament,

Sunday, October 19, 2008

on top of Calton hill

I was in Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago and took these photos from the top of Calton hill, the first three are looking across the Firth of Forth towards Fife and the last one is looking at Salisbury crags with (I believe) Arthur’s seat behind.

Friday, October 17, 2008

EDGE @ Out of the Blue

Right now for a shameless bit of promoting……
If you are or will be in Edinburgh during the next week then go to the Out of the Blue gallery in Dalmeny street and see some wonderful textile art and have some good food, Edge Textile Artists Scotland have got an exhibition there, there is some super work from members and a great variety so you should see something you like, the OotB have a cafĂ© that sells delicious food so what more could you want…

I joined Edge last year after a year of waiting for the new committee to get organised, this is my first active participation in the group, I wanted to get to know other members but found most of the members leave all the work to the committee, who work very hard on behalf of the group, (I was very surprised and disappointed by this as I really believed in my innocence that there would be more active members of the group) still the committee members I worked with were all super people and the 2 other members who came to help, so that was where I was…..

now for shameless bragging, one of the 2 quilts I submitted was accepted for the exhibition, wow it is the first time I have work displayed in Scotland (apart from my home and the craft things I make) and it is in Scotland’s capital……I’m thrilled so forgive me…

This is the quilt Allium

and a close up detail so you can see some of the machine quilting and beading,

the quilt is squared up (it’s the photo that is off angle) I am a better quilter than photographer,
no I did not paint it, it was printed on my trusty Epson, a year before I made it I was in an internet group who played with a design project each month, an idea was put forward for us to work on, one month we had to do something with a photo with a shadow, I had just the photo taken a year or two earlier, I had a dry allium seed head in a vase when late evening sun caught it and produced a wonderful clear shadow on the wall behind, I had not long had a digital camera and it was so great to snap away and then see the piccies,
during the month of design I discovered hue and saturation in photoshop elements and I played and played and played, when I came to make the quilt I became more systematic in how much I changed the colours, I printed on silk as it produces a much more vibrant colour than cotton, I quilted this using the quilt as you go method, so much easier than trying to fight with a big quilt on a small domestic sewing machine, I enjoyed making this,
oh boy it's a while since I used blogger,

have a nice weekend