Monday, October 20, 2008

more from Edinburgh

at the bottom of Calton hill I saw this sign and door and could not resist a photo as it amused me, it looks like the door to the park is locked,

then I walked up part of Salisbury crags and took a photo looking back at Calton hill with the parliament building in the foreground,

2 views of Holyrood House

and I just like these windows on the back of the parliament,

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Harespring said...

Hi Frances, just thought I'd visit and also to ask if you find this site any easier to navigate (and post on) than ib. I have toyed with the idea of moving for ages, but...there's something about our strange diverse 'community', with all its frustrations, that is hard to leave.
Lovely images of Edinburgh. And interesting to see how people can photograph the same city from completely different perspectives. I took a different set a few years ago.
Your quilt is gorgeous!
FC's fpu.

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