Saturday, April 04, 2009

UFO diversion

I had cut out some harris tweed landscapes years ago and they have been waiting to be stitched, well I finally stitched them and needed to chose some fabric for the borders,

this is what my draw of Harris tweed small pieces looked like,

so I just felt in the mood and decided to pull the draw out and organise it all, which meant ironing most of it, strange how I do not mind even enjoy ironing my stash but hate ironing domestic stuff like clothes, curtains etc.
anyway this is how it looked when finished, which helped a lot in finding suitable colours for the borders,


Julie said...

Lovely tweeds Frances. I'm with you on the ironing ;o)

Frances said...

thanks, I was surprised at how much I still had, they are a bit like the everlasting porridge pot, I keep using them and there still seems to be lots,

Anonymous said...

Hi Frances.
After a bit of a search through the old IB, came up with this site, which from your last posting date may not be the correct one. No link I can find on the new IB. Regards roy.

Frances said...

so WHO is Roy????

I never took a blog with the new IB as I already had a wordpress blog,

but who are you??

why are you looking for me/my blog???

Anonymous said...

Hi Frances.
In brief, followed your postings on the Old IB, when that closed I lost the "Link" and picked you up again when you commented on "Lewis Photo A Day".
I ran into a problem in your comment area when my "WordPress" ID was not accepted, hence my use of Anonymous. Sorry for confusion. roysofalaoz.

Frances said...

Hello Roy thanks for taking the time to follow my blogs, I have a wordpress blog too, that is the one I used for my photo a day last year, it was because I already had 2 blogs that I didn't want to take another on the new IB,
my wordpress blog url
it is the top link in the links section of the sidebar on this blog ~ altered photo blog ~ the change of name was because I started to explore some of the filters in photoshop elements,
for some unknown reason I just lost interest in blogging, blogs and even some of the lists I was on in April and spent a lot less time on the computer hence the lack of recent posts, might get started again in the autumn,

Conni said...

Hey Frances - just wanted to say hi - hope you will be back blogging, soon!

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