Sunday, November 16, 2008

figure drawing

I am still going to figure drawing class on Wednesday evenings, I missed one when I was in Edinburgh and then they had a half-term week, so only had 2 classes in October,
then the tutor decided to have the model moving which I just cannot draw, I am not very good when the model is still and it felt to me that I was being asked to run before I could walk,
I have difficulty with proportion and the drawing of the head and hands so trying to get these things right when the model was moving just made me give up and feel very stupid,
anyway I phoned her before I went to class last Weds and she said the model was going to be still so I went along, on the first drawing after I had a go at the proportions I decided to concentrate on the hands, there was no time to do any more,

then with the second pose I thought I would add a bit of colour, I do like working with the pastels but the colour range in the boxes they have are very limited so I think I will have to find the ones I have lurking somewhere in the house and take them, as you can see the leg proportions are way to small for the size of the torso, I will keep trying,


Julie said...

I think you have done well with these sketches Frances and I can understand your fear of drawing a moving figure. I have never done any life drawing and certainly haven't drawn anyone moving. I have done some figure drawing from photographs, I'll have to see if I can find them.

I would say, try not to be worried drawing something moving. You don't have to finish up with something perfect or even necessarily recognisable. Think of it as trying to catch the energy and movement of the person. You'll probably end up with a page full of swishy lines but that doesn't matter. The important thing is the looking. If the figure is repeating a set of movements you can come back to a line when the person returns to that part of the pose. I think people often do this when they are drawing animals or birds where there is a lot of movement.

Have you ever done contour drawing where you don't look at what your pen is doing? When you start it's hilarious as it looks like a grotesque scribble but gradually you improve. It's a great loosening up excercise.

Sorry if I'm teaching you to suck eggs here. I just didn't like to think of you feeling 'stupid'. I'm a good one to talk because I don't draw nearly enough and I get very uptight when I draw in public in a group, in front of a teacher.

Frances said...

Julie thanks for your support d help, no you are not teaching me to 'suck eggs' I'm off to class tonight it will be the same model as last week and he will not be moving, I've sorted out my pastels now I hope I have the courage to get them out, best thoughts Frances

Harespring said...

I've never heard of drawing a moving model, but know of a model who will move about and then freeze to create a 'natural' pose. One of the attendees of the local Life Drawing (fully clothed!) class here in Stromness always did 'swishy lines' and it was very effective. Not a portrait resemblance of the model, but very lively drawings. I think you are coming on all the time Frances. it takes a lot of just doing it to get there...and as for hands...they're the worst!

magsramsay said...

Well done for persisting. I've had various stints at life drawing and while I haven't really enjoyed it, my drawing improved dramatically, particularly in trying to capture volume. I'm currently doing still life which doesn't move around!
You obviously have a great artistic eye -love your photos from previous posts.

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