Thursday, January 08, 2009

altered photo a day

sorry I know I’m a week late but good new years wishes to all,
I thought I would post the source photos for my altered photo a day blog, incase anyone was interested to see how much the photos were changed, I am really enjoying playing with photoshop elements and finding out what all those filters etc. do, I have given details under one photo showing what I did and which photo it is on the
other blog,

Design play two, I used auto contrast to give more depth then changed hue and saturation, I love changing hue and saturation the colours are amazing, hue was -170 and saturation was +100, then I tried a few other things but when I tried spherize I liked it, the settings were as they come up 100% normal, then I thought what does solarize do and wow I liked it so kept it, then I thought enough now stop, so I saved and posted,

These are the other six photos from the first week,


Julie said...

The rusted wheel has changed amazingly. I couldn't work out what the source had been when I saw it so thank you for disclosing it.

Frances said...

I used another photo of the some piece of rusting machinery as a displacement map on the rusty wheel, I have finally found out where the displacement filter is and how to use it,

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