Tuesday, January 27, 2009

displacement maps

I have been going to find out about displacement maps for sometime and I have finally done it, most of the photos on the altered photo blog are displacement maps, here are a few of the photos I have used as displacement maps,

When I started this I didn’t really think about categories for posts so just made a design play cat. but I think now I might change and add more categories like, displacement maps, gradient maps, layers, etc. I am still enjoying it and learning as well,


Scriptor Senex said...

Don't understand the terminology but I love the way your photos turn out when you 'play' with them. I enjoy working out what they were before you did it - like the fishing boat prow reflected in Stornway harbour a few days ago!

Frances said...

thanks, I didn’t know what they mean (still not sure) till I started exploring my very basic copy of photoshop elements, if you have a photo editing programme just open it and explore the filters, layers, etc. etc.

Julie said...

These are great photos by themselces but they look amazing with the manipulations. Maggie Grey is a great exponent of displacement maps.

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