Saturday, December 27, 2008

the camera lies

well did I get a surprise when I downloaded these photos, not that I am complaining but this is not what I saw with my human eye, I saw an orange ball rising from behind the hill,

the last photo I took I saw a perfect orange ball hovering just above the horizon but this is what my camera saw…..

despite the distinct lack of an orange ball I do like the photos and thought some of you might too,


Julie said...

They are beautiful photos Frances, ball or not!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas.

Frances said...

thanks Julie, I had a quiet christmas, I hope you had a good christmas too,

Anonymous said...

As a photographer, I am amazed, not by what the camera can do, but by what the human eye combined with our brains, can do. I also 'see' things that the camera doesn't. It truly does lie.

Island Threads said...

thanks Sue, I hadn't thought about the 'human eye combined with our brains,' but that is so true, thanks also for going back through my old blog I hope you find it interesting, I have now imported this blog into my wordpress blog so you will find duplicate posts, Frances

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