Thursday, December 11, 2008

figure drawing, sun and frost

last night was the last figure drawing class this year, we did 3 half hour poses and it was good, yes after recent doubts I enjoyed last nights class, last week we had a single pose and it took me a while to get going but in the end it was ok I kinda enjoyed, I was surprised the next morning as I thought my drawing looked better than I had been thinking the night before, my problem at class was that I was on the darkside of the model and she was wearing black making it even darker, the lighting in the room is horrible for the purposes of drawing of any kind, anyway here’s the result of my dark in dark drawing,

I like the props which were supplied by the model, I wasn’t sure I would have time to put in any background but just managed to quickly add the panel, which does give the pose more finish,

This morning we woke up to a white frosting everywhere which is unusual for the island,

silly but I sometimes miss the look of white mornings on the mainland, I do not however miss the chill factor,

the sky was almost clear, aeroplane polluting vapour trails ugh! I love seeing the sky light up before the sun is visible,

the sunrise was gorgeous wish I could get a good photo of the round circle of sun sitting on the horizon but it is so bright that the pictures come out way overexposed, which is why you only see the sun peeping over the moor,


Guzzisue said...

beautiful sunrise photos, we are getting very frosty mornings here.I'm impressed with your life drawing- something I never really got to grips with- keep up the good work

Julie said...

Well done Frances! You've really captured this lady well and The panel you managed to include sets her off well. The frost looks beautiful.

Conni said...

Great drawing!!!

Frances said...

Sue, Julie and Conni thanks for your nice commetns, frost does look nice but we are back to rain and so wet,

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