Monday, December 08, 2008

ufo to wip

I did start some stitching a few weeks ago and now it has stopped again, part of the reason is that I have lots to do in the house re decorating, moving things to other rooms so that rooms that need building work done are ready for the work and finding suitable good workpeople,

I did some machine work and then decided I don’t like it, I then sorted out ufo’s and have told myself I must finish some of them, so I got out the last of this quartet, the first 3 were finished about 4-5 years ago and sent in exchanges, the fourth was meant for me which probably explains why it got side tracked, I have now (almost) finished the hand sewing so now to get the original design for the quilting out and just ‘do it’,

I’ll explain more about the exchange later when I get more of this finished,

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